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ag娱乐反水,>gold-flaked brexit wine



for those wanting to rejoice at britain's departure from the european union, a french company called gold emotion has now created a limited edition bottle of brexit celebration wine containing 24 karat gold flakes.

一家名为gold emotion的法国公司专为那些想要庆祝英国脱欧的人推出了一款含有24克拉金箔的限量版脱欧纪念葡萄酒。

decorated with the union jack flag along with the words "brexit, we made history," the bottle contains sparkling french chardonnay. it's not clear how britain's new trading relationship with europe will affect alcohol import duties, but the wine is currently retailing at £138.这款葡萄酒瓶身上饰有米字旗和"英国脱欧,我们创造历史"的字样,瓶内装有法国霞多丽气泡酒。目前尚不清楚英国和欧盟的新贸易关系会如何影响酒类进口关税,这款葡萄酒目前售价为138英镑。

"this is something politically huge and a milestone in british history. i wouldn't be surprised to see british citizens celebrating with this wine once october 31 has passed," said olivier pocholuk, events consultant at gold emotion. gold emotion的活动顾问波乔鲁克表示:"这是政治上的重大事件,是英国历史上的里程碑。我相信10月31日一过,英国人就会用这种酒庆祝脱欧。"

>airlines helps avoid babies



japan airlines has introduced a feature on its seat booking system that shows where young children are seated.


a "child" icon appears when a passenger is travelling with children aged under two years. japan airlines' website says the icon "lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there". 当一名旅客带着不足两岁幼儿乘机时,订座系统上会显示"儿童"标志。日本航空网站称,这一标志"让其他旅客知道可能会有一个小孩坐在那里"。

however, the airline warned the tool was not foolproof, as the icon might not appear if a ticket was booked through a third party or if there was a last-minute change of aircraft. 不过,航空公司也警告说,这一工具并不是万无一失的,如果机票是通过第三方订的,或者临时更换机型,那么可能就不会出现这个标志。

one traveler said the feature let him know where babies "plan to scream... during a 13-hour trip". but some twitter commentators urged him to be tolerant, while others said the problem could easily be solved with noise-cancelling headphones.一名旅客说,这项功能让他知道"在13个小时的旅程中,婴儿计划在哪个方位啼哭"。不过一些推特评论者恳请这位旅客包容一点,其他评论者指出这一问题只需要佩戴降噪耳机就可轻松解决。

>most admired chinese company


a huawei company logo is pictured at the shenzhen international airport in shenzhen, guangdong province, china in july.[ aly song/reuters]

china's telecommunications giant huawei became the most admired chinese company for 2019, fortune magazine's china edition reported wednesday. sany heavy industry grabbed the second place on the list, followed by gree electric appliances.


alibaba group took the fourth position on the all-star list of most admired chinese companies, followed by the insurance industry's leading company ping an. 阿里巴巴排在这份全明星榜单的第四位,紧随其后的是保险行业领军企业平安保险。

the list was based on results from a questionnaire survey of chinese enterprise managers. each interviewee scored candidate companies on nine criteria including management quality, product or service quality, innovation ability, long-term investment value, financial status, ability to attract and maintain talent, social responsibility, reasonable utilization of assets, and effectiveness of global operations.该榜单依据的是一项对国内企业管理者的问卷调查的结果。每位受访者按照以下九项指标给候选公司打分:管理质量、产品/服务质量、创新能力、长期投资的价值、财务状况、吸引及保留人才的能力、社会责任、资产的合理使用,以及全球化运营的有效性。

>civil service still appeals


applicants wait outside an exam center for the 2019 national civil servant exam in wuhan, central china's hubei province, on dec 2, 2018. [photo/vcg]

china's civil servant exam saw 86,456 people on the first day of online applications, 16,700 applicants more than last year, according to huatu education, an agency that offers coaching services to applicants.


despite the spike in job openings, the competition might not be less fierce. figures from the first day showed that the average ratio of applicants to openings stood at 8.03 to 1, higher than last year's 4.7 to 1. 尽管招录岗位数量大幅增加,但竞争激烈程度可能不亚于去年。首日数据显示,报考岗位平均竞争比为8.03:1,超过去年同期的4.7:1。

in one extreme case, 248 candidates will compete for a single spot affiliated with the first historical archives of china, a national-level archive in china. beijing is the hottest place for the civil servant exam, with the most vacancies and the most applicants - over 13,000 on the first day of registration, according to statistics.其中,国家级档案馆中国第一历史档案馆的一个职位吸引了248人报考。统计数据显示,北京是公务员考试最火的城市,其空缺岗位和报考人数均最多,首日报考人数超过1.3万人。

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